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Found 4 results

  1. How to get Grand Theft Auto V? You can simply get GTAV by buying at steam or get it for free at the Epic Game Store. How to join AuroraRP Server? You can join AuroraRP Server by downloading FiveM (a GTAV modification by Citizen Collective) and in the server list, search AuroraRP. I bought or got GTAV at the Epic Games Store. But can't join the game. Here's the fix: Close EpicGames. Open Steam and FiveM. Log on to your Steam account and go back to FiveM. Press F8 and type: connect "https://play.aurorav.net/". An error message came up saying "Your connection has brought us an attention. Your account needs to be verified! Go to our discord server, '' and then goto the channel and type: -link 8611.". How I can fix this? Go to your discord and see the #verified channel. Where is the server rules of AuroraRP? Website: You can read the rules by visiting this forum board How to direct connect to AuroraRP? If you already have FiveM and GTAV, you can directly connect to our server by pressing F8 and type : connect "https://play.aurorav.net" Every time I join AuroraRP, my screen is frozen or my screen is stuck at the black screen. How I can fix this? Easy way but effective: You need to change your GTAV Settings Texture Quality to Normal. How to chat in the chatbox? You can chat in the chatbox by pressing T. You can also do chat commands by pressing T also. Chat commands like: /report, /me, /carry, etc. To know more chat commands, you may go to our guidebook which is here: I am stuck under the ground, how I can fix this? You can call an admin by typing /report [your report message] in the chatbox. To open the chatbox, press T. How to report an incident to the admins? You can report players by using /report [your report message] in the chat. I'm stuck at character creating, how I can fix this? Reconnect. if your character resets, head inside surgery room at the nearest hospital How to reconnect? You can reconnect by pressing F8 and type quit. And run FiveM and connect to our server again. My FiveM Crashed, what to do? Nothing. Since it's FiveM's fault and not ours, just rejoin the server again. My character is bugged or my clothes are flickering. How I can fix it? Change your clothes at the clothing store. Try to change your shoes, torso, arms, and pants. Connection Interrupted! Reconnecting to server... How to fix this? Press F8 and type quit and rejoin again. I cannot hear anything, how I can fix it? Make sure you correctly set up your voice settings. By Pressing ESC, go to Settings and then you'll see Voice Chat Settings. You can also press F8 and type vsync How can I set up the voice chat settings? Youtube it or google it. "GTAV Voice Chat" Where can i get a job? Civilian Jobs: Whitelisted Jobs: https://aurorav.net/forums/forum/36-the-government/ https://aurorav.net/forums/forum/40-emergency-services/ https://aurorav.net/forums/forum/43-civilian-jobs/
  2. Gang Territories Rules: Minimum of 10 gang members for both gangs before they can declare a war (check F10 scoreboard, make sure to have a screenshot as proof) Gang must declare a war thru OOC 10 minutes preparation before attacking each other's gang base (If 10 mins is over and defenders are not present in the base, attackers can immediately start capturing) The captured zone will change its color to your gang's color A gang that is trying to take their turf back is allowed to try and try until they get it back LSETF & CETF can intervene unannounced when 2 gangs are engaged in a gang war PNP and FIB can capture territories but must announce thru OOC EMS, Mechanics and other civilians are not allowed to accept distresses while gang war is on going Using of emotes that will create a disadvantage to the other party (like /e passout) is strictly not allowed All doors in a gang base will be unlocked Must wear a gang uniform Must wear a mask No Gang Alliance No Helmet Gang base RETAKES: This will take when the opposing gang has no show on their territory. Retakes are only done ONCE. NO SHOW: - Official RPs Robbery Situation (As soon as code 4 has been declared, 15 minutes are given to the players for preparation on retakes) - Non-Official RPs (After the declaration and confirmation of the said RP of the opposing gang (OOC chat), Maximum of 1 hour <this includes the preparation of players> is given for the opposing gang for the retake) Declaring Retakes using OOC chat must include the time frame. Failed to comply on these rules the OIC (Officer in charge) will be sanctioned as FAIL RP (Neglecting F1 Rule and Failure to disseminate information to your gang) Vandalizing: Using /scene during retakes or gang wars on opposing gangs' base is strictly PROHIBITED. Anyone caught will be punished according to how severe the context is. Prohibited Weapons: Sniper Assault shotgun Heavy shotgun Heavy Revolver RPG Throwables Transportation: 1 Helicopter at a time Gang car, personal car or local cars can be used except exclusive & auction cars. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE RULES WILL BE WARNED!
  3. Syndicate Uniforms • Not wearing of proper uniform will be penalized on the spot (Both WL & Gangs) La Cosa Nostra Official Uniform Los Bandoleros Official Uniform Golden Triads Official Uniform Cartel Da Sinaloa Official Uniform Sicarios Official Uniform Kanjozoku Official Uniform Gaijin Official Uniform Rusta Roma Syndicate Official Uniform Whitelisted Job Uniforms Emergency Medical Services 6STR Customs (Mechanic)
  4. Key Binds & Commands ~ - Change voice proximity F1 - Open Server Information F2 - Open Inventory F3 - Open Phone F4 - Toggle un/mute Aurora Breaking News F5 - Open MDT Police (Law Enforcement only) F6 - Open Faction Interaction (certain factions) F8 - Open FiveM Console F9 - Open Group Menu F10 - Open Scoreboard F11 - Open Radio Menu (If you have a radio) . (period button) - Hands up . (period button) - Toggle vehicle options (when in the vehicle) B - Toggle Seatbelt (when inside the vehicle) B - Point finger Hold L - Show Clothes Menu Y - Cruise Control (when inside the vehicle) Y - Open trunk inventory (when near vehicle's trunk) U - Toggle un/lock vehicle X - Cancel animation K - Toggle Mask/Helmet/Mask/Glasses Shift + E - Push Vehicle (total wrecked vehicles) Hold Caps - Speak to radio Hold N - Speak to proximity ~ - toggle voice proximity C - Toggle Crouch M - Open Player Interaction G - Toggle crosshands T - OOC/Command Chat Z - Shows player/s id. /911 <message> - for law enforcement assistance /911a <message> - for EMS assistance /911b <message> - for Mechanic assistance /ooc <message> - Global OOC Chat /local <message> - Local OOC Chat /report <message> - Report an issue to the admin /me - Talk in me chat /trunk - Opens trunk /hood - Opens hood /engine - Toggle engine /carry - Carry a person /piggyback - Piggyback a person For invoices/fines/parking fines - Press F3 to open your phone then bank > invoices You can change your key binds by heading to ESC > Settings > Key Bindings > FiveM.
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